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Patrick > Personal Trainer Marbella, Strength & Athletic Coach, Weight Reduction

I am Patrick, a personal trainer certified by the American Council of Exercise (ACE). My passion for sport evolved during early adolescence. During my stays in different countries, I not only worked as a ski instructor but also discovered my passion for hockey, cricket, golf and american football. As my foundation, I dedicated my special attention to weightlifting. My physical, as well as my health progress started to be recognised by others, and so I began to share my knowledge and became a personal trainer. My philosophy is based, not only on losing body fat and building muscle, but also on creating a healthy mind in a healthy body „mens sana in corpore sano“ .

My previous work experiences, including  golfers who want to improve their swing, teenagers getting fit for the next football match, or anyone simply seeking overall health, enabled me to acquire significant and substantial knowledge in different training techniques. These include mobility, agility, strength and speed which are now my tools for success. Adjusted in the right way, my clients can improve health and fitness and set new goals. Furthermore, I am also a certified golf conditioning specialist. I am fully equipped to offer one-on-one training as well as group training, whether it be at a gym or in the comfort of my client´s place of stay. Everything will be adjusted to your wishes.

I speak: English, Español, Deutsch, Polski

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Royal Private Coach

Kamila > Personal Trainer Marbella, Weight Loss, Strength, Definition, Fitness, Core Strength

Having turned 40 years old, I now find that health & fitness is more important to me than ever before. It is truly my belief that feeling fit and healthy helps to brings happiness to your life and my aim is to do just that for my clients also. Improved fitness is achievable for all of us and I want my clients too to fall in love with this fitness & health feeling that I enjoy so much!

As a former Black Belt in Taekwondo with a background in Alternative Medicine (Naturopathy & Homeopathy) I am a dedicated fitness professional enthusiast. Fitness has been part of my life for many years but saying that, as a child/ teenager I hated sport. Think of the child that was always extremely sick and poorly, that was me. Never short of doctors’ notes to excuse me from taking part in exercising. I was always found sitting on the bench during sports days.

Motivation is the key. This is one of the main reasons why people work with personal trainers. I will encourage you as we go along and encourage a routine and lifestyle that is healthy. Having me by your side will provide the encouragement, energy and motivation you need to jump-start your routine.

Certification Level: Advanced Personal Trainer, Kettle Bell, Cycling Instructor, Strength and Endurance, Boxing, Gym Instructor Level 1 + 2

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Luisa Personal Trainer Spain

Luisa > Personal Trainer Spain/Madrid, Focus Strength, Conditioning, Functional, Boxing, Weight Loss

Being a personal trainer since 2012, I have grown in my approach and learned how to train people in a way that is sustainable, most professional and fun. I believe that we are all different and we need different tools in order to accomplish what we want. A Personal Coach is a very high end solution for all fitness and life goals. I take into account each person’s lifestyle, preferences, time and budget in order to make the best possible solution to build a sustainable fitness plan.

I have a holistic approach in which I coach clients how to overcome the obstacles that may be blocking progress. I also include nutrition support in order to give the body the necessary fuel to live the healthiest life possible. My training style is also tailored to meet each person’s needs but follows a set structure to measure progress and growth. I work on mobility with all my client’s which enables better movement, posture and functioning throughout everyday life. I also focus on building body strength through a mix of calisthenics and weight training. At the end of the training we focus on building flexibility to recover and restore the body so that you feel good after the training.

My background is a BA in psychology with education in pre-nursing. I have also received my Personal trainer certification through the International Sport Science Association, along with other continued training courses in movement and strength.

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